Bicycle King Shirt

Bicycle King Shirt

Designer apparel for the modern conjurer. As worn by Adrian Grenier on last week's episode of HBO's hit show ENTOURAGE.

Made from a unique blend of polyester, cotton and rayon, this tri-blend designer tee offers a uniquely comfortable feel and slim fit. Adorned with the iconic 5-color King on a Bicycle, this incredibly soft and remarkably durable t-shirt will quickly become an essential part of your wardrobe.

Manufactured in the USA on designer apparel in limited quantities. The shirts have been seen on the backs of Hollywood's most renowned celebrities and in high-end clothing stores across the country.

The front of the shirt displays the classic Bicycle King design, with the back showcasing the trademark Bicycle logo. The artwork has been around for a century and is instantly recognizable around the world.

Available under exclusive license by the United States Playing Card Company in association with JACKS & JOKERS. With a trademarked look and designer quality, these shirts will quickly become the favorite of any playing card enthusiast. Like it? Love it? Check out the Vintage Bee Joker Shirt also available at theory11.

Bicycle King Shirt Vintage, designer apparel that proudly displays the Bicycle Joker design and Bicycle emblem.

Normally priced at $62, but priced exclusively at $49.95 for theory11 members worldwide.


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