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The Biddle Trick by Jonathan Bayme


A card is selected and lost in the deck. You remove five cards from the top of the pack - luckily, the spectator's selection is one of them. The spectator holds the rest of the pack throughout the trick.

Instantly it vanishes from the packet and appears in the middle of the deck.

The Biddle Trick is a simple, powerful, impromptu miracle you can perform anywhere at a moment's notice using nothing more than an ordinary pack of playing cards.

Learn the basics of fundamental moves like the Bluff Pass and the Biddle / Kardyro Steal - as well as the routine that ties it all together - in 21 minutes of high definition training.

Want to know MORE? Listed to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Jonathan Bayme.

The Biddle Trick by Jonathan Bayme A spectator's selection vanishes from a packet of five cards and appears in the deck.

Jonathan Bayme presents instruction on the classic Biddle Trick - with credit to Elmer Biddle, Tony Kardyro, and Ed Marlo.

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