Medallion Uncut Sheet

Medallion Uncut Sheet Limited Edition: 50.

First edition run of Medallion uncut sheets, pulled from the presses before being cut into a modern treasure.

An uncut sheet is a normal deck of playing cards - uncut. Just before the sheets were cut into decks at The United States Playing Card Company, 50 were removed - destined for display on your wall.

Medallion Uncut Sheets are made in the USA on FSC-Certified Paper derived from sustainable forests, using vegetable-based inks and starch-based laminates. The uncut sheet will arrive in a special protective tube for shipping.

Only 50 uncut sheets from the Medallions series are available.

Want one? Order now. The perfect accent for your room, or an elegant addition to your collection. Once they're gone, these will remain sold out until the next production run of Medallion Playing Cards.

To learn more about this deck, see details on Medallion Playing Cards now.

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