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VCR Change by Apollo Robbins


The VCR Change is a brilliant color change from the mind of Apollo Robbins. A playing card held completely at your fingertips instantly changes, seemingly leaving your hands empty.

An incredibly visual sleight-of-hand movement with countless applications.

Learn the in's and out's of the move - as well as the angles, finesses, and nuances that make it look oh-so-smooth - in 10 minutes of intricate instruction from a genuine professional.

"Very slick, fluid, and visual." - J+S, theory11 forums

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Apollo Robbins discussing everything from misdirection to the psychology of stealing professionally.

VCR Change by Apollo Robbins With your hands empty, one card visually changes into another.

Renowned magician and master pickpocket Apollo Robbins teaches a color change that happens entirely in your hands.

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