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The Zarrow Shuffle by Jason England


Jason England provides 35 minutes of comprehensive instruction on the Zarrow Shuffle - an incredibly effective full-deck false shuffle that has become iconic among modern card magicians.

It looks like the cards are being mixed - but the order remains the same.

Magician and professor of mathematics at Stanford University once said that the Zarrow Shuffle "may well be the single most important, practical card move invented since Erdnase."

Jason covers the original handling of the shuffle - in addition to multiple variations, countless tips, advice on overcoming pitfalls, and the rare finesses that make the Zarrow Shuffle so deceptive.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Jason England.

The Zarrow Shuffle by Jason England Detailed training on one of the most deceptive false shuffles.

Learn a powerful tool that can be applied to any routine or gambling demonstration - created by Herb Zarrow.

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