Rebel Bottle

A glass bottle with a genuine sealed deck of Rebels inside.

Sold Out

We are performers. We are artists. And our craft revolves around the suspension of belief. The hope that the impossible may just be within reach. These bottles are a persistent reminder of that fact.

Other bottles have been sold for $150+. Each of these bottles is hand made by Jamie D. Grant. This special edition is available ONLY at theory11. The deck inside each bottle is real - sealed - and the bottles are completely normal. Shake it as much as you want - the deck cannot be moved or removed.

How did the deck get inside the bottle? The answer is a trade secret closely protected and refined by Jamie D. Grant. Only 100 of these will be produced!

Each bottle contains a new, shrinkwrapped deck of Rebel Playing Cards, designed by StudioNumberONE, an iconic design studio founded by Shepard Fairey in the heart of Los Angeles.

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