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Chris Kenner

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Chris Kenner presents a simple coin trick that looks like real magic. Learn fundamental coin techniques and an incredible routine that ties them together.

THREEFRY is a clean, visual, and direct coin magic routine that you can add immediately to your arsenal and perform anytime. Truly practical coin magic that never ceases to amaze.

Three ordinary coins instantly vanish and are reproduced again one-by-one.

As popularized in his classic text Totally Out of Control, we present one of Chris Kenner's most beloved magic tricks - now available for the first time in high definition video format.

Learn the complete trick - along with the subtelties, handlings, and various coin sleights that you can use in the tricks and routines you already perform - in over 10 minutes of in depth training.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Chris Kenner discussing working with David Copperfield, making your magic more natural, and more.

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