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TIVO 2.0


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Dan and Dave Buck present an effect so visually striking you'd swear there were duplicates. Originally taught on The Trilogy, learn it now completely on it's own.

You openly place any card outjogged in the center of the deck - then turn the top card face-up. Without ever covering EITHER card and under impossible conditions they instantly transpose.

An advanced, streamlined, and devilishly clever two card transposition.

Although difficult to master, TIVO 2.0 is a completely impromptu card trick you will perform time and time again. This is as visual and direct as card magic comes. NO gimmicks. NO duplicates.

Advanced card magicians have been on a search to find the most visual card transposition for quite a while. This just might be it. Learn it now in 10 minutes of comprehensive, high definition training.

"It gets great reactions - a wonderful trick to have in your arsenal." - Joseph, theory11 forums

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