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52 to 1

Wayne Fox and David Penn

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With no sleight of hand, cut the deck to the precise card the spectator is merely THINKING of.

Imagine this: you show a deck of cards to your spectator, and they see that every card is different. You ask them to think of ANY card they see. With absolutely no moves, you cut the deck to one playing card. It’s the exact card they’re thinking of.

The 52 to 1 Deck is 100% accurate, and almost entirely self-working. Your spectator can even cut to their card themselves! It simply is one of the purest and cleanest thought-of-card routines ever created. The best part? It’s incredibly easy to perform, and can be instantly repeatable.

What we love about 52 to 1 is that you’re completely locked in and committed BEFORE they even name the card they’re thinking of, leaving them with absolutely NO explanation for how it was done.

Includes a custom-made deck in RED Bicycle Rider Back and theory11 exclusive video instruction by Colin McLeod.

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