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Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian


You ask a spectator to say "stop" as you riffle through the deck. They think of the card that they freely stopped at. It's not a force. I promise.

The deck is handled naturally, but with just a spring, one card turns face down, reversed in the deck. It is their selected card - every time. A mechanical miracle.

Perform an impromptu version of the Invisible Deck. Reveal a spectator's thought of card instantly, face up in the deck. These are just some of the feats you can accomplish with the Balean Twist. All under your complete control.

Taught in intricate detail by Andrei Jikh, no detail is left out, as he guides you through the learning process each step at a time. The secret move can be applied to almost any card routine, and once you learn it, you will learn to love it.

20 minutes of detailed instruction. Now available - download and start learning right now!

Balean Twist by Bizau Cristian One freely selected card turns face DOWN in the center of the deck.

Perform an impromptu version of the Invisible Deck - with ANY deck - and more.

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