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Joel Paschall

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Learn to perform a visual playing card transformation under the cleanest conditions possible. With a simple wave, it changes.

A card is selected from an ordinary deck - then signed and returned. An indifferent card is shown; the corner is ripped off and placed face up on the table. The rest of the card is set aside, in view.

With a slow, calculated, delicate wave of your hand over the torn corner, it visually changes into that of the spectator's chosen selection. Impossible? Think again.

The rest of the card - which has been in view the entire time - is turned over to show that it has also changed. The corners match perfectly and the signature remains. NO gimmicks. NO duplicates.

Shot in high definition on location at California Magic, this DVD features live performances for real audiences and expert teaching by magician and creator Joel Paschall. Learn every eccentricity of this effect, from start to finish, in 30 minutes of detailed instruction.

Two complete versions of the trick are taught - one basic and one more advanced - making BeLieVe suitable for ANY ability level. Perform it with the corner resting on a table or even on top of your spectator's outstretched palm. The choice is yours.

"The best money I have spent on magic. Buy it - you won't regret it." - Trent, California

"Easy to perform. You can't really ask for more than this in magic." - Brian, Ireland

"Genius! It's rare to come across such great impromptu magic." - Rooster, United Kingdom

"The results are instant. Quick, easy, and worth every penny." - Jamie, Pennsylvania

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