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Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition

Anniversary Special Edition

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Commemorating the 125th anniversary, the Bicycle 125's feature a distinctive, vintage aesthetic and metallic foil on the box.

While the art of magic has persisted and evolved over thousands of years, the vast majority of us today have one thing in common and one company to thank - the United States Playing Card Company.

theory11 is proud to present a collaboration that can officially come to light - the Bicycle 125's. The decks will be marketed worldwide in the months to come, but we are honored and privileged to unveil them exclusively today, weeks ahead of the public release date.

It started in Cincinnati one-hundred and twenty-five years ago and quickly grew to become the worldwide leader in playing card design and manufacturing. Since then - hundreds of designs and over a billion decks later - it is still here and still in a league of its own.

Commemorating 125 years of design and development, the Bicycle 125 : Anniversary Edition playing cards feature a distinctive, vintage aesthetic - and a signature metallic foil on the special edition tuck case. In stock today - and our current supply is limited.

Available in a refined RED and deep BLUE - both at an affordable price. Produced and manufactured with precision engineering by the US Playing Card Company.

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