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Card Manipulation 101 : v1

Dan Sperry

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An introductory course in card manipulation with instruction by award winning stage performer Dan Sperry. Start the journey now.

Dan Sperry, student of the Chavez Course in Magic, is known for his wacky and off-the-wall style of magic. With card manipulation as his specialty, he brings you the first of three volumes on the art.

Learn the award winning techniques featured in shows around the world.

In the first volume of this introductory course on card manipulation, Dan focuses on the core techniques of props, backpalming, fanning, single card productions, and MUCH more.

Start your journey into the world of card manipulation in over 35 minutes of high definition training. Multiple card productions and more advanced techniques can be found in Volume Two.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Dan Sperry discussing everything from stage magic and performance to card manipulation.

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