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Card To Mouth

Dan White

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A simple and critical magic trick in the arsenal of many working professionals with detailed instruction by Dan White.

An ordinary deck is introduced and a playing card is freely selected by a spectator, then returned to the pack. The audience member pushes the card into the deck squarely themselves.

Under those impossible conditions, the card travels UP to your mouth.

A surefire, direct magic trick that you will be performing in NO time flat - taught in nearly 15 minutes of in-depth training by industry professional Dan White on location in New York City.

"The misdirection is awesome. Nobody knows what is coming." - Lyle, theory11 forums

"I have fooled full classrooms with this trick. No one is ready for it." - Chris, New York

"One of my favorite tricks to perform. It always gets reactions." - R.Dupuis, theory11 forums

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