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Bicycle Centurions

A Sequel to The Guardians

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theory11's second deck of premium playing cards, designed by WA007 and released in the spring of 2008.

In April of 2008, theory11 set out to create the next standard in playing card design. Our focus was dual: design and quality. The deck had to be the best of breed in both categories.

On the design front, theory11 teamed up with WA007 - one of the most respected, avant-garde design studios in the nation - and worked side by side tirelessly for weeks. Hundreds of hours were spent tweaking and polishing the design from the ground up. Over 17 rough draft concepts and prototypes were produced. The final result is a mix of modern core structure, contemporary style, and a touch of theory11 signature grunge.

Every element of the deck was designed from the ground up-- the back design, the Ace of Spades, the Joker, and the box design are all new. Even the royal card design was slightly altered in coloration to better fit the vibe of the new deck.

On the production end, theory11 worked hand-in-hand with the US Playing Card Company's research and development team to ensure unsurpassed quality and handling. The result: perfection. The feel of the Bicycle Centurions rivals or exceeds all past decks produced, employing a number of innovations to achieve incomparable strategic result.

The summation of efforts on design, innovation, and quality is a deck that we believe is distinctively the best in class. It feels as good as it looks. So what's more important-- style or quality? Our answer is both.

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