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The Classic Pass with Jason England


Expert card technician Jason England teaches the Classic Pass in 28 minutes of detailed instruction. A technique that enables you to control any selection invisibly. Also taught are applications and nuances gained through years of personal experience and study.

The pass is a move that is practiced and refined over decades of trial and discovery. With an expert like Jason England to guide you along, you can more rapidly learn the move - avoiding the pitfalls and common errors that you may be inclined to make. Learn it right the right time - right now.

An intermediate move - and an essential item in the arsenal of the serious student of card magic. There is no better way to start or complement your study of The Classic Pass than this.

Want to know MORE? Listen to the roundtable discussion podcast with Jason England discussing this instructional video in complete detail.

The Classic Pass with Jason England Control a card to the top of the deck - invisibly and undetected.

An age old technique in card magic - taught in intricate detail by an unrivaled mechanic.

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