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Cookie Cutter

Dan Sperry

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Award winning performer and creator Dan Sperry presents his delicious take on the classic Russian Roulette routine. Strictly intended for those over the age of 18.

The magician places a genuine razor blade inside of one of four Oreos. With your back turned, the cookies are mixed - yet you are able to accurately determine which cookie the blade resides in.

Tried and tested by Dan Sperry for safety, simplicity, and shock effect.

Don't want to use razor blades? No problem. Cookie Cutter can be performed with ANY small object including a coin, soda tab, or even a torn corner inside the cookie for a unique card revelation.

Dan Sperry teaches everything you need to know to perform this incredible magic trick flawlessly - including how to avoid failure - in 20 minutes of detailed high definition instruction.

"Very easy. This will be going right into my show!" - supernaturalone, theory11 forums

"It absolutely stunned my audience. Very powerful stuff." - Chrisfecto, theory11 forums

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