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DANGEROUS is a comprehensive two disc training course representing the definitive work of underground magician and cardist Daniel Madison, both past and present. Mystique (Volume 1) is dedicated to his magic. Motion (Volume 2) contains his signature cardistry creations.

The magic is visual and direct. The instruction quality is beyond comparison.

Each item is taught in intricate detail complete with vocal instruction, on-screen text, multiple camera angles, and additional tips from Daniel on the psychology behind the magic, proper hand positioning, making the material yours, and much more. Full contents are below.

VOLUME 1: MYSTIQUE contains 11 practical and powerful magic tricks that you can perform in virtually any situation. Learn tricks like Bad Influence, Aces, Angle Zero, Catch, Color, Half Vanish, Heritage, Lapse, Focus, Role Play, and Breach complete with live performances shot on location in the United States, with additional footage filmed in the United Kingdom.

VOLUME 2: MOTION contains a total of 21 flashy cardistry moves that are guaranteed to draw attention in any crowd. Learn flourishes like 4sybil, Sleepless, Turnover, Downfall, Aries, Lethal, Lethal X, Guardian, Snap.d, Mayhem, Fly, Stone, Symphony, Cylinder, Bicycle, Diabolique, Twisted Rain, Twisted Rain 2, Sybil in the Rain, Drop Sybil, and Sybil Helix taught in Daniel's trademark style.

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Dangerous by Daniel Madison Visual magic and card flourishing straight from the underground.

A massive two volume DVD anthology of magic tricks, cardistry, and madness.

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