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The Dead Cut with Jason England

A comprehensive course on using crimped cards.

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A staple move in the fundamentals of card magic, now taught in intricate detail by Jason England in a 48 minute downloadable video.

The crimp is a staple move in the fundamentals of card magic – it allows you to control any number of cards to the top or bottom of the deck, with just a single, simple cut: a "Dead Cut."

Multiple types of crimps are taught in detail by one of the industry’s leading card mechanics, Jason England. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned professional, you will find a suitable technique that fits your performance style.

Including the basic techniques, Jason provides you with the sharp insight you need to hit the crimp every time.

Along with these tips, Jason teaches multiple methods for finding selected cards, controlling a slug of cards, false table shuffles, and more. As a bonus, two effects are taught utilizing the crimped card - including a wonderful contribution from Martin Nash entitled Backfire. Find a selected card in blazing speed.

Special thanks to Meir Yedid for allowing us to teach Martin’s effect within this video. Step inside and begin your journey with the crimp – all in 48 minutes of unrivaled detail.

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