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El Cambio Nada

Eric Jones

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With a slow and simple wave of your hand, one playing card instantly and visually changes into another. Special thanks to Rune Klan for his blessing and permission.

Eric Jones presents a visually stunning color change that is executed with the playing card held at the fingertips - at chest level. With a steady and simple wave, the card instantly changes.

A practical color change that every card magician should know and use.

EL CAMBIO NADA is sleight-of-hand card magic at its core. The act of changing one card into another has served as constant inspiration to magicians. This change is Eric's vision.

Learn the color change in complete detail - along with all of the fine nuances that make it so buttery smooth - in nearly 10 minutes of high definition training filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"El Cambio Nada is surprisingly simple. The teaching is excellent." - Anthony, Ohio

"This color change is one of my favorites - easy to learn." - Ola, Norway

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