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Chris Kenner

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Chris Kenner's powerful take on a classic. An experiment in coincidence that is simple, powerful, and versatile. You will use this in every performance.

As you deal cards onto the table, your spectator is simply asked to say YES or NO - pairing various groups together. The NO row is turned over to show it contains pairs that don't match.

The YES cards are revealed to match perfectly - in both color and value.

Industry professional Chris Kenner, executive producer for David Copperfield, presents a stunning card routine you can perform at a moment's notice - using nothing more than a deck of cards.

Complete with detailed instruction on TWO full versions of the trick - one tailored toward beginners and one more advanced - taught in nearly 25 minutes of high definition training.

"So simple. You end clean and the cards are normal." - bentley, theory11 forums

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