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Fancyband by Chris Kenner


An ordinary rubberband is sprung off your fingertips, spiraling a few meters forward - then spins on the tabletop, slingshotting it back towards you. A demonstration of skill you can unleash at anytime.

What you WILL need: a rubberband. What you WON'T need: your wallet.

Fancyband is simple to learn and makes the perfect lead-in to any rubberband trick. The best part? It's available now completely FREE of charge. Simply click the DOWNLOAD button above.

Learn a quick, eye-catching rubberband trick you can use to break the ice in ANY social setting, taught in nearly 10 minutes of high definition, expert instruction by an industry professional.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our series of roundtable discussion podcasts with Chris Kenner discussing everything from how to make a career out of magic to perfection in card technique.

Fancyband by Chris Kenner A single rubberband shot from your fingers instantly reverses and spirals back toward you.

Chris Kenner presents a classic impromptu demonstration of skill that you can use to impress anyone at a moment's notice.

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