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Faro Shuffle with Homer Liwag


Homer Liwag presents a new downloadable video teaching one of magic's most fundamental moves - The Faro Shuffle.

The Faro shuffle is an essential sleight that is incorporated in many of magic's best routines and allows the performer to interlace the cards perfectly together in an instant.

You will also learn the Filipino False Faro, an underground move unveiled now for the first time in 25 years. FFF is a false shuffle that looks exactly like a real shuffle. It retains the complete order of the deck.

See and learn the full details on how to perform the inner workings and mechanics of each - and even learn a quick trick using the FFF in application.

Faro Shuffle with Homer Liwag One of magic's most elemental moves - the Faro Shuffle.

Homer Liwag presents the Faro Shuffle and an underground move 25 years in the making - the Filipino False Faro.

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