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Three coins VISUALLY and AUDIBLY penetrate a clear drinking glass.

Three coins VISUALLY and AUDIBLY penetrate a clear drinking glass. This is the best Coin Through Glass routine on the market - PERIOD.

Imagine dropping three coins into a glass. You remove one, and with a flick of your wrist, it flies straight through the glass. Then you do it again and again. Each phase looks more impressive than the last.

No gimmicks. No extra coins. Totally impromptu. Completely examinable.

Filter was developed with the serious performer in mind. Each phase was designed to chip away at the spectators expectations and explanations. And the best part is, you can use almost any glass, even paper cups and coffee mugs! No extra coins. Everything is examinable before AND after the routine.

Over an HOUR of instruction, with multiple handlings and bonus content.

First you'll learn the basic three-phase glass routine. Then you'll learn two alternative phases. Then you'll learn how to apply everything to Starbucks cups and coffee mugs. And lastly, you'll learn tips on practice and performing - tips that will make all your magic more powerful.

Want to see an uncut, unedited performance? Watch now - then learn it exclusively at theory11.

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