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Doug McKenzie

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An instant coin production from the mind of magician Doug McKenzie - lead magic producer for David Blaine. Simple, quick, direct, and completely impromptu.

In FLICKER you show your hands empty and visually "pluck" a genuine coin into existence... from thin air. NO gimmicks are used and the coin can be given out for complete examination.


It happens in an instant and resonates well after your performance.


If you're looking for a piece of magic that is quick, powerful, completely impromptu, and to the point - look no further. Flicker makes the perfect opening to any coin routine or magic trick.


Learn a production you can perform anytime - along with full instruction on the Jimmy Wilson grip and the subtleties that make this trick so incredibly smooth - in 12 minutes of detailed instruction.


"I'd have gladly paid $30 for this. Absolutely beautiful." - dmfan, theory11 forums

"The way magic should be - simple and direct." - Sir FansAlot, theory11 forums

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