Casino Gaff Dice by Jason England


Ever wondered how cheats made their fortune in the back rooms of casinos? Now is your chance to discover their secret and own a piece of history.

In collaboration with expert card technician Jason England, we were able to track down 150 sets of very RARE, special, casino gaff dice. Commonly known as crooked dice, T's, tops and bottoms, or mis-spotted dice, they are used to increase the odds of winning. The dice have duplicate pips on opposing sides. Without close examination, they look completely normal. The quality is exceptional.

With purchase of these dice, we include a FREE downloadable video that teaches TWO methods for secretly switching one pair of dice for another. For educational or entertainment use ONLY.

Shipped in a beautiful glass display to protect the dice from getting damaged - form, style, and function. A truly unique conversation piece.

Our supply will not last. We will attempt to locate additional supplies, but for now, these remain a very rare special edition that we found ourselves lucky to obtain. NOTE: Dice are selected at random with red or green color pairs based on availability. Quantities are limited, and these WILL sell out quickly.

Casino Gaff Dice by Jason England Limited Edition Casino Gaff Dice

150 sets of very rare, special gaff dice. Includes a FREE download teaching how to switch one pair of dice for another.

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