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The first installment in Andrei Jikh's highly anticipated three DVD cardistry anthology.

GENESIS is a project representing literally hundreds of hours of work and years of innovation on the part of one of the most influential names in the cardistry community today - Andrei Jikh.

The DVD series premieres with the long awaited release of Volume One. Shot in true high definition, GENESIS v1 features over 30 incredible moves - ranging from simple core techniques to more advanced concepts - taught in nearly four hours of detailed instruction.

Just getting started?Don't worry.Whether you are just starting out in cardistry - or looking to take your knowledge and skill to the next level, GENESIS has something for everyone. You're in good hands.

The Contents of GENESIS v1 - A Look Inside The DVD

The Basics: Introduction, Mechanics Grip, Charlier Cut, Thumb Cut, Scissor Cut, Revolution Cut, Basic Angel, Widthwise Triangle, Lengthwise Triangle, One-handed Shuffle, Thumb Propulsion, The Spring

Fanning: Fanning Introduction, Flower Fan, One-handed Fan, Thumb Fan, Fanning Conclusion

Elements: Angel Slide, Blink, Angel Catch, Time Shot, Pickwhip, 52 Motions Closer, Basic Card in Fan, Tetra, Bullet Shot, Card in Flower Fan, Rewind, Flashback, Twitter, Bullet

Original Concepts: ONE : Concept Introduction, The Basic One, One Charlier, REBOUND : Concept Introduction, Rebound Basic Card Flick, WINGED : Concept Introduction, Winged Instant Three + Bonus

Also featuring special appearances and BONUS moves by Dan and Dave Buck and Alejandro Portela. Learn The Carnahan Fan by DAN & DAVE and Blanco One by Alejandro Portela.

"Andrei teaches all the foundations of the moves to make it possible for anyone to master. This is perfect for any beginner and will also greatly help those that already think they might have a good knowledge and understanding of the concept of cardistry. As far as beginner DVDs are concerned, this is by far the best I've seen." - Kevin, Sydney, Australia

"One of the greatest cardistry projects. For cardistry fans, go for it. Whether you are a beginner or advanced cardist, Andrei gives you tips on how to expand simple flourishes into mastering them, even if you know how. A success." - Michael, theory11 forums

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