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The Gypsy Thread

Dan Sperry

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Award winning magician Dan Sperry teaches the classic Gypsy Thread effect. It speaks for itself - a length of thread is broken and then beautifully restored.

A spool of thread is introduced and a single strand is unraveled. You clearly split the thread into multiple pieces and the torn strands are rolled together between your fingertips.

Instantly and visually, the pieces are restored back to their original state.

The Gypsy Thread represents stunning, direct sleight-of-hand magic at its very finest. There's a reason David Blaine chose to perform this magic trick on his international television special.

Learn the complete trick in full detail - along with notes on preparation and additional performance tips - in nearly 30 minutes of quality high definition instruction filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"Very easy and practical. It kills audiences." - Nino, Texas

"It's really fun and the reactions are killer!" - Gnarlycardz, theory11 forums

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