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Herrmann Pass with Jason England

Secretly control the cards with this invisible, undetected technique.

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Control a single card or stack to the top or bottom of the deck. Taught by Jason England.

Originally published in 1897, the Herrmann Pass is a technique for secretly transposing two halves of a deck in order to control a card (or cards) to the top or bottom of the deck.

Versatile and Invisible. Practical and Undetected.

Jason England, one of the industry's leading card mechanics, goes over extreme detail to cover nearly every aspect and nuance of the move and it's history. Included in the download are a variety of cover methods to making the move invisible such as the Sleeve Cover, Broadside Cover, and End Tap Cover.

Furthermore, other techniques included are The Malone Shift and The Midnight Shift - two powerful variations of the classic Herrmann Pass topped off with a demonstration of the Cavorting Aces.

Featuring over 35 minutes of instruction by magic's foremost instructor of card magic techniques: Jason England.

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