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Rick Lax

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No duplicates, no switches, no gimmicks, no sudden or awkward movements.

There are many ways to secretly bring a card to the top of a deck. You can use a double lift, a pass, a steal - or you can do something completely different...

From the creator of Vertigo comes a modern take on an underground sleight.

You show the spectator a card. You place the card in the center of the deck and push it in. By the time the card is aligned, it's already on top of the deck.

There are no doubles, switches, or gimmicks involved.

With High Rise, Rick Lax has taken a versatile principle to a new level. There are no sudden or awkward movements. The sleight looks clean and natural. Invisible and deceptive.

In 20 minutes, Rick will guide you through HighRise’s 7 phases. When you’re done, you'll be prepared to perform the move with confidence.

Are you ready to reach new heights? Welcome to HighRise.

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