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The Hole Thing

Chris Mayhew

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Two Jokers trap your selected card between their fierce hands, all in view through a hole cut in the center of each card.

Our newest release comes from the twisted mind of Chris Mayhew, in his theory11 debut. For the first time on video, he presents a brilliant spin on the age old Sandwich plot. This is the Holey Grail of sandwich effects.

What differentiates this sandwich routine from any others is something that will instantly catch both magicians and lay audiences off guard - the two Jokers have holes in them. Big ones.

Yet still, with stunning impossibility, the selected card appears between them, not once - TWICE. The cards can then be examined front and back. You hand them out - they're normal.

As a bonus, Chris teaches you his take on the classic card warp routine. Whole Warp is a new and mind blowing version with a kicker ending that will leave your spectators speechless.

Taught with 50 minutes of detailed studio instruction by Chris Mayhew in signature theory11 quality. You'll learn everything from making the holes, to execution, and performance subtleties.

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