iPhone Case

iPhone Case Monarch & Artisan Spades

Protect your iPhone with a sleek theory11 wood panel case. Available with Monarch or Artisan Spade art.

The spade from two of the world's finest decks: Monarchs & Artisans. Laser-etched into solid wood on the back of your iPhone.

A unique wooden phone case inspired by your favorite deck of cards.

Each iPhone case is Made in the USA using authentic ebony wood, painted white, then laser-etched with signature theory11 art. The sides of the case protect the phone with an impact-resistant matte black plastic, coated with a soft-touch finish.

These ultra-slim cases have snap-in edges, making phone installation and separation a breeze. Instant security - and incredible style.

Available in sizes for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, and the new iPhone 6.

Monarch Spade$34.95 Add to Cart
Artisan Spade$34.95 Add to Cart
Monarch Spade$39.95 Add to Cart
Artisan Spade$39.95 Add to Cart
Monarch Spade$34.95 Sold Out
Artisan Spade$34.95 Sold Out
Monarch Spade$34.95 Add to Cart
Artisan Spade$34.95 Add to Cart


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