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Ishkabibble Sandwich

Eric Jones

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A signature card trick from the mind of magician Eric Jones. Learn every sleight, detail, and nuance that make this effect so scandalously visual and silky smooth.

Any playing card is selected, remembered by your spectator, then shuffled back into the deck. Two kings are introduced and held at the fingertips face up above the deck, in clear view.

With a tap, the selection instantly appears face down in between the two kings.

Eric Jones presents a two phase sandwich routine that will leave your audience speechless. Clean, practical, and effective - the Ishkabibble Sandwich is something you will use in every performance.

Learn the complete trick - including multiple sleights and detailed nuances - in nearly 20 minutes of comprehensive instruction from one of the most brilliant rising stars in magic.

"Easy to do and very visual. Just plain great." - Creeper, theory11 forums

"An amazing sandwich effect - superb and impossible." - Jack, theory11 forums

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