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Mathieu Bich

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A fun, easy, new effect by Mathieu Bich. A selected card visually JUMPS out of the deck.

A fun, easy, new effect - perfect for ANY casual performance.

JUMP is a quick effect that's sure to make an impact. The magician riffles down the side of the deck and asks the spectator to say "stop". Their mental selection is lost in the deck. The spectator can even shuffle the cards to their heart's content.

The magician lightly squeezes the pack. Suddenly, with the flick of his finger, one card shoots out from the front - the spectator's selection! Learn Jump and perform it instantly! The gimmick can be easily adapted to any deck of cards and utilized in a multitude of ways for your other favorite effects.

No reset. No switch. No wires. No strings. No magnets. Clean, simple, direct, versatile, and powerful.

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