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Alex Pandrea

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Alex Pandrea makes his theory11 debut with a piece of visual eye candy that happens in your spectator's fingers.

Two standard, borrowed rubberbands instantly and visually link together while being pinched by a spectator. They can literally feel the exact moment the magic happens - three times. For the finale, you unlink them in a clean, simple, logical, and fair conclusion.

You will need two standard #19 rubberbands. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Alex Pandrea proudly presents his simple, original, and completely impromptu three phase linking rubberband routine for the first time in video format. If you're looking for a trick you can perform anytime, anywhere, under any conditions - LINX is the trick for you.

Learn the complete routine along with performance tips and additional ideas in 17 minutes of high definition training filmed at the theory11 headquarters in New York City.

"It's a great routine that is sure to get amazing reactions." - zdogmagic, theory11 forums

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