Medallion Spade Emblem Shirt

Medallion Spade Emblem Shirt Authentic theory11 apparel

The Medallion Ace of Spades Emblem in distressed brown ink over a heather canvas colored, ultra-soft shirt. Made in the USA with Premium Cotton.

Each heather canvas shirt is made of ultra-soft 100% Premium Cotton stamped with the Medallion Emblem in distressed brown ink.

You will soon treasure this shirt as much as your Medallion Playing Cards. It is lightweight, slim, soft, and comfortable — the perfect tee for summer.

We've gone above and beyond to curate only the finest, softest cotton shirts as the base for these bad boys. This may end up being one of the nicest shirts you own!

Lifted straight from the ace of spades, and pressed with brown distressed ink, the Medallion Spade Emblem Shirt is a unique and fashionable addition to the wardrobe of any performer or collector.

We have a limited supply of these shirts in warehouse now, so order fast! Be sure to pick up a couple of Medallion Playing Cards to jam with your new shirt!

Manufactured in the United States of America in limited quantities.


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