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Mint Box

by Daniel Garcia

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A pocket-sized piece of brilliant engineering.

A diabolical, practical, semi-automatic switching device.

Daniel Garcia is one of magic's most prolific creators, and this is his first magic release in half a decade. MINT BOX is a utility tool that allows you to OPENLY switch a card that’s inside the mint box for ANY card - or a spectator’s SIGNED selection - completely surrounded. The cleanest and most organic switching device ever created, Mint Box fits comfortably in your pocket - ready to perform at a moment’s notice.

A pocket-sized piece of brilliant engineering.

As soon as you discover the secret mechanism, you'll freak out. It's THAT good. Mint Box is entirely self contained in a small Altoids tin. There's nothing to add or take away. It's extremely easy to use with no difficult sleight of hand - and it involves a familiar everyday item. Even the reset is so fast and smooth it can be performed right in front of your audience!

Included is a Red Bicycle MINT BOX gimmick and access to a 30 minute streaming instructional video from Daniel Garcia. Learn the complete handling and multiple variations so you’re ready for any scenario thrown your way!

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