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Monument by Dimitri Arleri

Dimitri Arleri

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Over two hours of cardistry instruction in Dimitri Arleri's debut cardistry project.

After 18 months of production, Dimitri Arleri’s debut cardistry project is here — And it’s absolutely monumental.

In 2009, Dimitri Arleri took the cardistry world by storm with the release of his debut video, Opera. Four years later, it continues to be an inspiring beacon of creative, groundbreaking card flourishes.

Known for his unique approach and out the box concepts, Dimitri has become one of the most respected pioneers on contemporary flourishes.

One of the most anticipated cardistry projects EVER produced.

MONUMENT captures the genius of Dimitri’s mind into 16 original flourishes that have been curated into one comprehensive package. Every single flourish is taught in precise detail. No stone left unturned. No detail left behind. Learn every move clearly, taught by the creator himself.

Special 2 Disc Collectors Set

MONUMENT is jam-packed with over two hours of content on TWO discs. The set is housed in a special eight panel DVD set. Along with the flourishes, we've included exclusive bonus material, including a 16 minute discussion with Andrei Jikh about the creative process in cardistry.

The Moves: Angel Cut - Mango - Angel Cut - Flower Fan Helix - Flip Flop Isolation - Mechanical Air - Around the Block - Scissor Split Combo - 3D Triangle - Riffle Fan - Moulin Rouge - Moulin Rouge 2 - Riffle Turn - Accordion - Speanut - Surface

The download format of Monument is in crystal clear HD! Due to the length of this project (over 2 hours!), we recommend the download option for those on a stable, high speed internet connection, only.

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