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Chase Duncan

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Meet Chase Duncan. In his theory11 debut, he teaches three new epic flourishes: Nimbus, Bowtie, and 3D.

Meet Chase Duncan. He’s new to theory11 but no stranger to cardistry.

In NB3, learn THREE epic flourishes: Nimbus, Bowtie, and 3D. Each flourish is incredibly unique. Chase has managed to accomplish a set of moves that look super complex, yet are based on a set of simple principles that the average cardist will pick up with ease.

The Moves: Nimbus, Bowtie, 3D

Nimbus: A three packet cut with a whirlwind of movement. This flourish looks mind blowing performed fast or slow, and basically from every angle!

Bowtie: A cut based on Sybil by Chris Kenner. The middle section can be repeated, giving you the option to perform this cut for as long as you want.

3D: A cut with two triangles collapsing into one. Also included is a bonus alternate ending!

In this 30 minute download, each move is explained in depth with multiple angles in 720p HD, featuring Love Me Playing Cards. Stick around till the end and you may just see Calen flourishing too!

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