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Out of My Mind by Spidey


Imagine being able to identify the color of face down cards. In the spectator's hands. After the cards are cut - and shuffled. From a normal deck.

Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A spectator holds 10 cards face down. You've never seen the cards, yet you can identify the color of each one with COMPLETE accuracy. EVERY time.

Out of My Mind requires no gimmicks, no memorization, and no peeks. The deck is fairly shuffled by the spectator during the performance.

The power is in your hands... and out of your mind. Give the deck to the spectator and have them shuffle - it doesn't matter. You'll know the whole sequence at the end. You can even go as far as to identify the suit AND value of the last card in the sequence. It seems impossible, and it should be.

From Bedros Spidey Akkelian, the creator of PSYCHO and Sneak Peek. In less than 30 minutes, you'll have the power and ability to perform this stunning feat.

Out of My Mind by Spidey Imagine the ability. Possess the power. Determine the color.

Based on a concept originally published in 1958. A powerful, impossible mental miracle.

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