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Phantom by Spidey

Phantom by Spidey A demonstration of astral projection - remote viewing.

The spectator is asked to THINK of any card they see. Spread the deck - and it's GONE. Where did it go? It was in their hands the entire time.

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You give half of the deck to the spectator. You take the remaining half, and riffle through the faces. The spectator is asked to THINK of any card they see — it's a free selection.

Instantly, you spread through the cards and show that the card they were THINKING of is GONE. Vanished. It was merely a PHANTOM. Where did it go? It’s been in THEIR hands all along. You even know it’s position - from a face down pile.

Phantom is Spidey’s adaptation of classic principles published by Theodore Annemann, Franklin Taylor, and Charles Jordan.

A demonstration of astral projection or remote viewing. The ability to gather information from a distant or unseen target using extra-sensory perception (ESP).

Learn with 20 minutes of detailed instruction, complete with real world performance advice and additional presentations. Special thanks to Max Maven and Nathan Kranzo for assistance with crediting and historical research.

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