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Pinky Count

Jason England

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A utility sleight than enables you to get a break under any number of playing cards from the top of the deck.

The Pinky Count is an advanced utility sleight designed to allow you to get a break under ANY number of cards from the top of the deck, without drawing attention or raising suspicion.

Whether you need a break under one card or ten cards - this is for you.

Obtaining a break is among the most basic and crucial moves in card magic. The Pinky Count arms you with an extremely versatile tool you can use anytime you need to get a break under a single playing card or group of cards during any number of tricks or routines.

Learn the extensive history behind the move along with all of the fine nuances and details that make it one of the most practical sleights in card magic and gambling technique. Filmed in high definition and taught in 14 minutes of instruction from someone who has studied with the legends.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Jason England discussing modern magic instruction, how to most effectively practice your magic, and much more.

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