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Players by Daniel Madison

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A collaboration with Daniel Madison. A deck designed with a secret code revealing the identity of each and every card.

A direct collaboration with underground artist Daniel Madison.

From the start, we wanted to create a deck that was function first - then form. A secret weapon, in your pocket at a momentu2019s notice.

A remarkably covert, elegant, deceptive marked deck.

Between the lines of the Players design, a mystery resides. The cards hide a secret so profound - it could influence every performance you make as a magician, or at the card table.

To a casual observer, nothing is out of the ordinary. Deep within the design is a marking system that reveals the identity of each and every playing card. With purchase of each deck, you will receive an instant video download with Daniel Madison himself teaching you how to break the code.

Printed on the highest quality paper, with one-of-a-kind Linen texture.

The deck is shielded by a premium white linen box, giving it a subtle texture. The back design utilizes such a small amount of ink that it makes Players incredibly smooth and durable. We kept things simple and true to Daniel Madison's identity and original vision.

Players are Limited Edition. Once our current supply of this white edition expires, they will not be reprinted. Want them? Order now.

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