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Realtime is an instant, visual four ace production from the minds that brought you The Trilogy. This is what magic is supposed to look like.

With a quick, simple wave of your hand over your arm, the four aces instantly and magically appear. Realtime is a flashy four card production and display that truly looks just as good as it sounds.

Present it as magic. Present it as a flourish. Either way, it looks gorgeous.

Dan and Dave Buck proudly present one of their many powerful ace productions, taught in nearly five minutes of concise training in the signature style that they are known for.

There are certain situations where you need to take out a four of a kind for a magic trick or routine, but want to make it a tad more... impressive. Realtime is direct, practical, and effective.

Want to know MORE? Listen to our latest roundtable discussion podcast with Dan Buck and Dave Buck discussing magic tricks, cardistry, and everything in between.

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