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Dan Hauss

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Dan Hauss makes his theory11 debut with a quick, visual, impromptu piece of magic you can perform at a genuine tube of Chapstick at a moment's notice.

In REDLINE, a genuine Chapstick is shown all the way around and the cap is removed and held in your left hand. In the blink of an eye, the cap is visibly thrown back on the tube.

A visually stunning miracle you can perform anytime, anywhere, in ANY situation.

Dan Hauss presents a powerful magic trick that represents simple street magic at its very best. The effect is super easy to learn and perform and an absolute must for any beginner.

Two versions of the trick are taught in intricate detail - along with additional tips and variations - on the streets of New York City, in 15 minutes of comprehensive high definition instruction.

"This is an effect I perform on a regular basis. The reactions kill." - Jv, theory11 forums

"Genius. So simple and direct. Love it!" - Doug, theory11 forums

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