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Schwing Rising Card

Chris Kenner

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Chris Kenner presents a personal selection from his acclaimed book - Totally Out Of Control. Perform it completely surrounded with ANY deck of playing cards.

The rising card is a classic trick in card magic. The downside to most techniques is the use of a gimmicked deck or an additional prop or aparatus. SCHWING raises the bar.

100% clean. NO gimmicks. NO threads or magnets. Completely impromptu.

Chris Kenner, executive producer for David Copperfield, has taken this classic magic trick to the level it should have been at from the beginning. A signature effect from his personal repertoire.

When you get in that position where a friend hands you a tattered old deck and tells you to do a trick - SCHWING is the perfect solution. Learn it now in nearly 10 minutes of concise training.

What more could you want? The same trick with absolutely no work on your part that doesn't even require a deck of cards? Well, we've made that too. Our digital Rising Card app is now available.

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