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Self Tying Shoelaces

Jay Noblezada

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Tie your shoelaces - automatically - without using your hands!

As performed by Neil Patrick Harris and David Blaine!

Your shoelaces are untied, laying flat on the ground. With just a shake of your foot, your shoelaces begin to twist, cross, and flip. As you place your foot back to the ground, you’ve done the impossible: the shoelaces are now perfectly tied. A real knot and bow. The best part? Your shoe and laces can be immediately examined.

A simple, modern classic.

The Self Tying Shoelace has been a part of magician’s repertoires all over the world ever since David Blaine performed it on television. Few tricks are more simple and organic - a perfect icebreaker that is guaranteed to get your foot in the door.

Contains the gimmick needed to perform, and a booklet that will get you performing in minutes! Can be performed fully surrounded with any shoe that has laces, and resets in just a few seconds. Watch this video of NPH performing it for Vanity Fair!

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