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Shinobi Control

Emran Riaz

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+ learn a unique force and a sandwich routine using the Shinobi concept by Emran Riaz

Emran Riaz presents a deceptive card control from his personal repertoire - submitted to theory11 just a few weeks ago. Learn to control any selection to the top of the deck in a fair, natural manner. Emran also teaches a unique force and a sandwich routine utilizing the Shinobi concept.

A few weeks ago, we received a webcam video of Emran demonstrating the control. The video went directly to Dan White on theory11's creative team, to Jonathan Bayme, to Chris Kenner, to Michael Weber, to Jason England.

Shinobi is a novel, deceptive card control that can also be utilized as a force. Unique in it's mechanics, it fools everyone that Emran has shown it to. And the reviews, to say the least, have agreed. Learn it now.

Credit to Larry Jenning's Larreverse (1963) and Daniel Garcia (2001).

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