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Shredder by Spidey


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Instantly divine secret information written on a folded, torn, shredded piece of paper.

A small piece of paper is handed to the spectator to write down a name, a number - anything. After tearing the paper to pieces, you are INSTANTLY able to divine the information contained within.

Simple and clean. A powerful utility technique.

Shredder is Spidey's take on the Classic Center Tear. The billet really IS torn into several small pieces and there are NO opening or unfolding motions. Everything is simple and straightforward - as it should be. You are left 100% clean and if the spectators want to go back and look at the pieces themselves, they absolutely can. Everything is torn. There is no ditching or hiding ANYTHING.

An in-depth instructional - including the Classic Center Tear.

In addition to Shredder, Spidey provides a complete guide to the Classic Center Tear. Includes 20 minutes of detailed instruction featuring additional presentation ideas, bonus routines, tips, and more.

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