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Single Card Straddle Pass

Jason England

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30 minutes of instruction by expert card technician Jason England.

Expert card technician Jason England provides 30 minutes of in-depth instruction on one of the most DECEPTIVE moves in magic. The Single Card Straddle Pass allows for a control of one or more cards from the middle of the pack to anywhere near the bottom of the deck - invisibly.

Powerful. Versatile. And completely undetectable.

When properly executed, the Single Card Straddle Pass is completely invisible to the naked eye. In addition to making this move unseen, Jason covers a variety of applications for both magic and gambling demonstrations so you can use it to custom fit your own performances.

Jason teaches how to control a single card to the bottom (or near the bottom) of the deck. Furthermore, he covers the control of a group of cards in a single location and as a group in different locations of the deck. If that wasn't enough, Jason provides the control of multiple spectator selections for magic applications.

The One-Card Middle Pass has been in Jason's repertoire for more than a decade - for good reason. What are you waiting for? Step inside and learn yet another powerful utility sleight from Jason England himself.

History: The basic concept of this sleight is very old, dating back to Sachs' Sleight of Hand (1877). In the 20th century, magicians continued to develop and refine the move until it reached it's present-day form. Full history and crediting for this sleight are contained within the instructional video.

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